An American Widow in Europe...

hi! me again. i took a hiatus from writing to you all on here as life was busy dragging me along (sometimes kicking and screaming) and i was feeling a little burnt out on what to say. but here i am same complicated gal as before just coming at you with a few more laps around the widowsphere, a few more wrinkles on my face and a couple more titles added to my list of names…oh and I also live in an entirely different country now so that’s really weird. Just some small changes going on over here in my life no big deal or anything.

I thought it might be nice to reconnect with you all. to share my experiences in life and widowhood since we last spoke. my life has taken so many turns since then. some great some not so great. some really strange and some pretty comical both in an actual funny haha way but also in a dark humor why does life continue to shit all over me kinda way.

So stay tuned (or don’t if you aren’t into people over sharing on the internet that’s ok too) I’ll be attempting to articulate to you all how I have been navigating all these changes, what I have learned…and also how I deal with the things that haven’t changed but the world around me has. talk soon.


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